According to our traffic tracking service, AppData, Army Attack currently has 33,304 monthly active users and 28,370 daily active users. At present, the game offers three opponents to defeat throughout the course of the single-player campaign.
Moreover, tnemy units get similar firing bonuses, so players must consider attack formations before sending off single units into unknown regions of the map where clusters of enemies might wait.
Military-themed strategy games had some significant high points on Facebook well before 2011, but in the last couple of weeks, the genre’s really heated up as Digital Chocolate and Zynga both released new entries to the market. Zynga’s Empires & Allies arrived about a week later following an announcement made just a day before the game launched. It comes as no surprise that Empires & Allies now leads Army Attack in terms of traffic, despite the latter game’s head start. As for a gameplay comparison, we avoid making any subjective judgements on behalf of players.
Empires & Allies relies heavily on a city-building mechanic while Army Attack pulls more from the treasure-hunting genre where users are encouraged to click on as many squares as possible.
At time of press, Army Attack does not have a PvP mode, although Digital Chocolate President Marc Metis says that is in the game’s future at some point. Combat in Army Attack can occur at any time whenever the AI spawns enemy units on unoccupied squares on the map.
Environment does not play significant a role in Army Attack wheres Empires & Allies makes a firm distinction between land, air, and sea units for a sort of rock-paper-scissors dynamic to balancing combat.

Army Attack places significance on unit location as units that are adjacent to one another will both attack in the same turn at no additional energy charge.
As far as monetization goes, the games both use similar models where players are paying to speed up construction on structures, replenish energy, or gain access to special gameplay boosts.
As was the case with hidden object games in direct competition for the Facebook audience, we observe that players are not in a position where playing one strategy game would prevent them from playing the other. Gameplay in Army Attack blends real time strategy combat with a bit of the treasure-hunting social game genre.
The just-launched game focuses on single-player gameplay while incorporating social features to encourage collaboration, interaction and cooperation between players. As the game only just launched May 20, we expect to see additional features introduced into Army Attack as the game scales. It’s Zynga’s first new Facebook game following December’s CityVille release, but as it came after the launch of RewardVille, Empires & Allies was already compatible with the fan incentive network. Zynga simply has the larger network to leverage cross-promotion, and the game uses a city-building mechanic identical to the one in CityVille, which creates instant familiarity for CityVille players.
Empires & Allies’ combat must be sought out and activated either by clicking on an attacking character’s (or player’s) icon or by visiting their occupied territory.
Empires & Allies units can only attack one at a time and gain no clear advantage based on positioning. If anything, the presence of more strategy games in the genre might be having an overall positive impact across all strategy games.

Strategy comes from unit placement as attacking units receive a bonus when allied units occupy squares adjacent to both the attacking unit and the target.
The presentation is somewhat reminiscent of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS Advance Wars real time strategy series, so players who enjoy gaming on dedicated platforms will feel right at home. This along with cross-promotion through Zynga’s other games gave Empires & Allies a leg up on the growth charts for its first 10 days of life, though a reporting issue on Facebook prevented the game from hitting our rankings charts until almost two weeks after launch.
Digital Chocolate’s cross-promotion is not insignificant, however; we’ve seen its 18th game, Zombie Lane, get a bit of a lift as Army Attack grows in popularity and it’s not hard to imagine that traffic flows both ways despite the games’ dissimilar gameplay.
We observe, for example, that Kabam’s Global Warfare has shown accelerated growth since Army Attack and Empires & Allies arrived. Army Attack also features a base-building mechanic which is introduced via a series of missions.
Despite the violent subject matter, the presentation of Army Attack is similar to a children’s cartoon, with defeated units exploding in puffs of smoke and dropped items rather than any show of gore. The game is monetized exclusively with Facebook Credits as the premium currency players use to purchase in-game items and boosts.
Clicking an unoccupied square on the grid sends a selected unit to “conquer” the square while clicking an occupied square sends unit into turn-based combat against whatever happens to be there.

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