The map offered by respondents varies according to how much time individuals have spent in the Midwest. The upcoming exhibition Reinvention in the Urban Midwest, curated by Sasaki Associates, will focus on current forms of reinvention in the urban Midwest and explore the drivers for such a recurrent phenomenon: global competition, cultural shifts, dwindling resources, and the acute need for greater resilience. In addition, the exhibition will investigate what the Midwest really means outside its topographical boundaries and why that should matter to us. The discussion here, on Twitter and with other over the past view days has been interesting. The major river systems of the nation tie together large portions of the middle states and help define the Midwest. Like one of those maps I’ve always gone with a larger definition of Midwest (OH, IN, MI, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, ND, SD, NE, KS) and then sub-divide into Great Lakes and Great Plains along the Mississippi.
Thanks for bringing this up Alex – I was pretty surprised when I saw the cumulative map that the Atlantic Cities posted. Jefferson County and Southern Illinois are not part of the Midlands in his view, but are part of Greater Appalachia, along with Arkansas, southern Indiana and Ohio and much of the mid-South. St Clair County from Belleville west out Route 50 through Labanon, to Clinton County and Trenton, Aviston, Breese, Beckmeyer all the way to Caryle and beyond, German, German, German. My mothers family fancied themselves somewhat aristocratic: they owned farms and where locomotive engineers.

As I read your description of Pittsburgh I was thinking you could just as easily be describing Chicago and it’s working class neighborhoods. Jeff, a very good friend from college, grew up and still lives in Alexander County, IL (Cairo).
FacebookLong the focus of development rumors, 8125 Forsyth appears set to see an office tower:24 hours agoNearly 25 years since it's last permanent exhibit expansion, and five since its last public plan, the St. For guidelines on the State Report and for a chance to see how the report will be graded, (click here). The Boston Society of Architects is presenting an exhibit titled Reinvention in the Urban Midwest curated by Sasaki Associates, a Boston area architecture and design firm. MyMidwest, an interactive, map-based survey through which visitors can share what they consider to be the physical boundaries of the Midwest, will gather the collective consciousness associated with the Midwest in New England. The eleven regions are distinct and easily understood as varying in culture and topography. Louis City and County are in the Midlands, a band of German immigration stretching from Philadelphia through central Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, central Ohio and Indiana, north central Illinois and Iowa, continuing west through northern Missouri and Nebraska and north to Ontario. Farther away from the lakes are agricultural areas, including a major center of dairy farming in Wisconsin and soybean production in Indiana.
Centered more or less on my home state of Indiana, the Midwest ends at the Great Plains, the South, the Appalachians (more or less) and Canada.

A number of Washington University educated architects have held leadership positions at the firm over time and Sasaki recently produced a visioning plan for Clayton, MO, a prosperous inner-ring St.
Midlanders, he argues, tend to have moderately pacifistic attitudes, a live-and-let-live mentality and a desire for community advancement, but without the social proselytizing and engineering of Yankees. Map -- For practice!Two good apps to get as a study aide: "Stack the States" and "Learn the States".
There is also the similar preconceptions of what is and is not, the Ozarks, just like the topic of Midwest. Feel free to download the blank map below and add your idea of the Midwest in the comments. Louis for the past 14 years, traveling throughout the Midwest, and I can confidently say that Pittsburgh is not a Midwestern city.
Louis has a lot of characteristics that are unique to it, and it in many ways straddles different regions as well, although overall it has the most in common with other Midwestern cities (and perhaps a dash of Baltimore too).

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