If your located in Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto, Barrie and surrounding regions, York Region, or pretty much anywhere in Ontario we can get you an Energy Audit. Frustrated citizens who care about the community's well-being can skip the arduous process of engaging with the federal government and trying to convince it that First Nations communities are worth caring about, and just give directly to the cause. When Canadians check Environment Canada's website for their weather, its redesign means they will be hit yet again with the government's "Economic Action Plan" logo.

Advertising is a legitimate way for a government to communicate directly with citizens, but a $100-million campaign over three years is unprecedented and particularly distressing during a time of austerity. The Harper government has spent more than $100 million in the past three years trumpeting its frugality. The campaign is attempting to raise $10 million to build an all-weather access road to connect the community with the mainland, and thus to clean drinking water — that's $10 million the federal government has refused to commit.

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