The new design for the federal government's weather site removes Environment Canada's departmental branding from the page. Except for the interactive main page with its multiple maps, in which "Environment Canada" is embedded in fine print above Iqaluit on the map of Canada, the logo has all but disappeared from the site.
What does appear prominently is a trio of brightly coloured links that promote last month's federal budget, the generic "economic action plan" website, and the Canada Revenue Agency's slogan: Tax Savings Working For You.

But a spokeswoman at Environment Canada says the makeover simply follows new Treasury Board guidelines designed to make web applications more user friendly. The government did not explain why weather searchers might require links to the "economic action plan," which has been the subject of more than $100 million worth of advertising since the Conservative branding was first used for the 2009 stimulus budget.
May says Canadians who simply want to check the weather are being bombarded with taxpayer-funded Conservative propaganda.

The government says it needs the redesign to improve its communications on social media and mobile applications.

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