This weekend vicious storms and tornados rolled across 6 states in the midwest and south killing at least 43 persons, putting local, county and state government agencies and thousands of First Responders into action.
As we know (all too well) last week the Congress and Senate narrowly averted a shutdown of our national government due to the inability to agree on the 2011 budget.
The Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Emergency Management assists local municipalities and their citizens to prepare for emergencies through outreach programs and activities. Ready Georgia is a statewide campaign supported by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) aimed at motivating Georgians to take action to prepare for a disaster.
Make sure you know where your local fire department, police station, and hospital are and post a list of emergency phone numbers posted near all the telephones in your home. Prepare a disaster supply kit, complete with flashlights, batteries, blankets, and an emergency supply of water and food (and pet food!).

Every citizen in this country is part of a national emergency management system that is all about protection–protecting people and property from all types of hazards.
Think of the national emergency management system as a pyramid with you, the citizen, forming the base of the structure. Emergency preparedness and disaster response must be factored into the national security of our great nation throughout every level of government. The Office of Emergency Management strives to maintain a high level of preparedness throughout Albany County. Lawrence County has developed this Registry for residents with limited mobility or special needs, which might impact a timely response during an emergency. While we feel it is imparitive to urge, cajole, encourage and sometimes seemingly demand that citizens prepare themselves to deal with emergencies and disasters, we perhaps have not written enough about the responsibilites of local government and their critical role in disaster preparedness and response.

It’s also difficult to get a grip on the fact that “if” they had not come to an agreement the federal government would have been essentially shut down. Hopefully, your local government did not put its fate in the hands of someone that simply did a “cut and paste” job on a document that will never survive its first contact with disaster! If you believe you or someone you care for is unable to independently respond to emergency protective orders, registration should be a serious consideration.

Earthquake and disaster preparedness ppt
Emergency kits for tornadoes


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