Books">booksThis isn't a book to read if you clung too dearly to emo around a decade ago, as Andy Greenwald can be occasionally scathing in his conversational critique. It may evolve from classic rock to grunge to emo to pop to punk and beyond, but it's a lasting, rebellious fixture. He defines emo as a reaction to macho and aggressive punk rock, which seems reasonable, but he strikes a chord in noticing that no emo musician or fan self-describes that way, as it's inherently limiting.

Andy spends many pages thereafter spending time with emo fans and hearing them endlessly relate with their icons.
And after a few hundred pages you are left with this idea that twenty years of emo "culture" has come full circle to mimic the actions of Jefferson Airplane where giant stadiums and tour busses are surrounded by khaki and tank top clad fans clamoring to spend a minute with Chris Carraba to relate their break ups, hardships, and a perceived relationship.

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