After Lauren wrote about her kids’ emergency bags, I started buying some of the supplies to put together Go Bags for my kids. The point of these bags is to have them at the ready at a moment’s notice, so they need to be stored close to your path out the door. Our major threat is a hurricane, and we keep our supplies stocked because we rarely evacuate, but I think bags for the kids are a good idea in the event that we are surprised by flooding or another event. My children have identical bags that they picked up for free at a carnival, so that is also a cost saving option. If a child is even 4 years old they can assemble their own to go bag and the to go bag can be for everyday outings as well so that it is used all the time. The go bag needs to be large enough to carry a good amount supplies, but small enough that you can transport without much effort. This bag's main purpose is as a Get Home Bag, in other words, a bag to get me to my truck, or to home, where I have additional resources. The purpose of a Go Bag is to provide the bare necessities for a certain amount of time, typically 72-hours. But, as new items come in for birthdays and Christmas, I’ll stash the old ones in the Go Bags. Some of these (sweatshirts, shoes) are things that we use all the time, so I don’t want them tied up in a bag. Without a doubt, the first oil I put in my travel bag and in my business briefcase is Lavender. I know, I know….The last thing the World Wide Web needs is another Bug Out Bag List (well, that and pictures of adorable pets and babies), but…this is a site dedicated to bug out bags! Quite simply, we at Bug Out Bag Academy believe an excellent bug out bag starts with a great bug out bag list. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything you put on the list will end up going into your bag, but at least you’ve got a pretty good idea of where to start. We’ve written a post detailing our thoughts and what the best bug out bags are in our opinion – ones we’ve tried and tested and all that good stuff.
And as a “Thank You,” you’ll also receive the Free Bug Out Bag Checklist PDF we outline below to help you build your own bug out bag!

Choosing clothing for your bug out bag is a very personalized selection as we all have different body types, tolerances and levels of fitness.
Your clothes selection will obviously depend on your location, climate and the other factors listed above. Yes, you can make a shelter out of a tarp or use a trash bag filled with leaves as a makeshift ground pad, but these are all items we think are a wise choice to include for numerous reasons. For that reason we recommend having at least 3 different means of starting a fire on your bug out bag list of items to pack.
First aid is one of those areas where there are a lot of “done for you” type products out there that just aren’t well-suited for a survival kit such as a bug out bag. We’ve found that various aspects of personal hygiene are often overlooked when compiling a bug out bag list of essentials. Again, we’ll be sure to detail our reasoning later in another post, so stay tuned, but for now, these should fit the bill for most, if not all, bug out bags quite nicely. If you don’t learn how to use these items effectively and practice using them on a regular basis, all the bug out bags in the world probably won’t be able to help you.
And if you liked the post, and would like your own printable Bug Out Bag List PDF, please be sure to subscribe for future updates. Due to the expense and weight of 3-day supplies, I decided to prepare a 24-kit for their Go Bags. I printed each form, folded it in quarters and placed it in a snack bag to protect it from water.
A go bag or bug out bag is a pre-packed satchel or bag that contains an assortment of supplies that you may need in the case of an emergency where you have to leave your home or residence.
These are bags, that are kept in the house and in the car, for emergencies just like one which may dramatically affect our lives. New York City’s Office of Emergency Management put together a real nice webpage on what people should have in a go bag.
We won’t go into that here, but if interested here it is: How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag for You. The items listed below are to be strategically layered to maintain a healthy body temperature at all times.

These are items that didn’t necessarily fit into any of the other categories, but they’re just as important for inclusion in your bug out bag.
My kids are counting the days until they can break into the bags as granola bars are something I rarely buy.
I stopped at the dollar section of Target and got playing cards or puzzles to include in each bag.
Each item listed below has multiple uses, but they all serve the same purpose – helping you see what you’re doing or find where you’re going. Chances are some of the items will have you scratching your head, but we assure you, you want these items in your bug out bag. They keep things dry, you can use them as rain gear, you can use them in water as a survival bag to stay warm, and you can collect drinking water in them. My list and bags are pretty extensive, to include spare ammo, Henry survival rifle, etc., but this small stuff can go into just about any kit. It's chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Make Go Bags for your kids so that you are prepared for an evacuation in the case of an emergency.
Trying to practice what we preach, we recommend the following three tools for your bug out bag. The situation where my kids might need these bags would be an emergency where we must evacuate quickly. Between what I keep in the truck and in the bag I’m good to go for a while regardless of weather or the lack of polite society.
I was able to find five in the same green and had a sixth similarly colored bag at home to use for my littlest one. Go Bags for kids are mostly to provide them with comfort and provisions for a short amount of time.
Toiletries: I used a quart size bag to hold toothbrush, toothpaste, antibacterial wipes, kleenex, bandaids, and a few light sticks.

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