There are several professionally staffed departments on campus that serve as advising and support structures for all of Colgate's student clubs and organizations. Get involved with your district club — start planning events that will keep your Colgate spirit burning and your list of contacts growing. Colgate alumni are walking, talking viewbooks — you embody our efforts to train 21st-century leaders. Jump-start your professional life by connecting with other Colgate alumni — then return the favor.
Through the Career Services for Alumni, you can participate in information sessions on your field, recruit at Colgate, or establish internships.

It supports every aspect of the Colgate experience, from scholarship resources to snow removal. Register with us now to receive news, information and Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ updates from Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd. Get Involved with Your Alma Mater Colgate people spend four years as students and the rest of their lives as alumni family members.
Give to the Annual Fund Donate to Colgate each year – even $13 makes a difference – participation matters! Get Involved Colgate students benefit from the tremendous support of our alumni and parents.

Alumni can offer their time in a number of ways, including leading regional clubs, planning reunions, serving as gift chairs and class agents, offering career counseling, and promoting Colgate to prospective students.

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