The United States is a large country with a wide range of physical features, from tall mountains to deep valleys, rivers, lakes, and plains. Sierra Nevada - Located in California and Nevada, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are named for their snowy peaks, which run 400 miles from north to south along the border between these two states.
Appalachian Mountains - Along the eastern United States, the Appalachian Range runs northeast from Alabama up through coastal states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Coastal Plains - Two major groups of coastal plains are found in the south and southeastern United States, known as the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plains for their proximity to these bodies of water. Columbia Plateau - Located in the northwestern United States, the Columbia Plateau is a high, raised stretch of land between the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains.
Colorado Plateau - Covering the Four Corners region of the Untied States, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet at a single point, the Colorado Plateau is a high desert covering 337,000 square kilometers.
Mississippi - Part of the longest river system in the United States, the Mississippi runs from Minnesota down to New Orleans, Louisiana, where it drains into the Gulf of Mexico.
Great Lakes - The Great Lakes are located in northeastern United States, along the border between the US and Canada.

Imagine that the state of Mississippi was able to exchange places with the state of Alaska. In order to understand the geography of the United States and how it has influenced the history of the country, it's important to know how to read and interpret a map.
Houston is situated in the southern most part of Texas State near the Gulf of Mexico, in United States of America. Some of the unique features of US geography include the Grand Canyon, the Florida Everglades, and Death Valley in California's Mojave Desert.
Describing the state in terms of where it is in relation to other places is relative location.
The first map of the United States that you'll need to become familiar with is the one below, which shows the country's important geographic features, such as lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges.
Symbols such as lines, colors, or pictures are often used in maps to represent geographical features, such as lakes, rivers, or mountains. With an elevation of less than 1,000 feet, with much of it below 500 feet, Mississippi is a part of the Gulf Coastal Plains of the United States.

Because two states, Alaska and Hawaii, are located so far away from the continental United States (the other 48 states), they will be shown in separate boxes on the bottom left in most of the maps in this interactive.
What to do about the Mississippi River is a clear example of geographical irony, and sets the stage for reviewing the theme of human-environment interaction. Geography seeks out these connections and explores the economic, cultural, physical, and perceptual reasons behind their formation.
Geography explores the economic and psychological reasons for the great migration into the Mississippi Territory at the turn of the 19th century, and for the great migrations from the state during the early and mid-20th century, and maps the routes of those leaving. Just as the place theme details the uniqueness of the state, the theme of region indicates how Mississippi is a part of an area that displays commonalities in selected criteria.
Martha Hutson is professor of history and geography at Mississippi College, is a teacher consultant with the Mississippi Geographic Alliance, and is a developer of lesson plans for Mississippi History Now.

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