Throughout the entire run of GamesMaster, the late astronomer and The Sky at Night presenter Sir Patrick Moore cropped up as the GamesMaster - a cyber head providing gamers with cheats and challenges to aid their gaming experience. However, as a gamer who grew up in the Nineties I will always remember him as the GamesMaster. Not surprisingly, the next logical step for season five was to transport the show to Heaven, and then the remaining seasons saw GamesMaster in the depths of Atlantis and sunnier climbs of a desert island. The challenges also inspired audiences to perform similar challenges with their friends, siblings and co-workers, creating endless gaming opportunities.In short, GamesMaster rocked!!!

Whether you look at Sir Patrick as the GamesMaster or an Astronomer, the sky is surely one star brighter from now on. The show hit the airwaves during the big gaming explosion of the '90s when 16-bit consoles first started to attract everyone's attention. The idea for the show came from former LWT producer Jane Hewland, who spotted a gap in the market for a series dedicated to gaming. Season one of GamesMaster was set in St Paul's Church, London, whilst the second season took place on an oil rig.

Experts from the gaming world were also on hand to give their advice and commentary on the challenges and over the years - despite format changes - the show remained a constant hit with fans.

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