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First off I am not a poker lover, but after BETA testing the Governor of Poker 2 I bought this game (bought that one too).
You play poker in several different towns, buy the town, and end by playing the Governor of Texas and becoming the new Governor. Earn your title by challenging old western poker pros and see your name in the local paper.
I learned two things from playing this game (and I do go back and play it from time to time). Do you have what it takes to become the Governor of Poker and take over all of Texas.Play as a male or female character in this totally original poker game.

But since this game is electronically played, one should play it strictly based on the odds, and percentages.
And even more important, I learned that in real life, I should never, EVER play poker for real money, becaues I suck at it big time! Knowing the basics on how a game is played doesn't automatically translate into being a good or effective player - and that's me in a nut shell. Makers of a game like this need to make sure that it is truly up to chance, and odds, and not favoritism.
This game features a simple property management system, a possibility to buy transport upgrades.
Bing said that, the makers also need to do an extensive research to get an idea of rules, and basic protocol of the Texas-Hold-Them.Then become 100% sure of their calculated odds, that the game is made to be played fair and square without any hints of favoritism.

Youda Governor of Poker brings you a trusted save game option, over hundred of different opponents all with a very sophisticated AI.
No matter as a live player what you do, or how you paly, the emoji's created by the maker of this game, end up the winner. For the life of me, since as a player one does not need to purchase further chips, I do not understand as to why the maker of this game have been so keen to see their emoji's constantly win at any cost.

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