Emergency Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit containing the most effective supplies for protection from the spread of the pandemic flu. ER™ Pandemic Flu Kits contain emergency supplies specifically designed for protection against the spread of a pandemic flu outbreak. Deadly pandemics, like Ebola are only a plane ride away, and one infected person can trigger a domino effect. Learn how to prevent airborne contagions from getting into your home, and get the necessary supplies while they are still available, because by the time the pandemic is in the air, time is gone to get the supplies you'll need to survive. In a pandemic situation, you'll want to have a recptacle ready for disposal of facial tissues to help limit the cross contamination. With so many commercially available kits already put together for you, you'll know exactly what to do in case of a pandemic emergency: head to your kit! The Pandemic Flu Kit, immediate left hand, by Sundstrom, is a comprehensive kit that includes a high-efficiency P100 particle filter.
With past panics involving SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and most recently Ebola there is a need to be prepared for a pandemic.
Realizing that should the families of Department of Defense staff contract pandemic flu could be a disaster to our military, the DoD took the proactive step to ensure each family had this kit and instructions on how to stop the spread of influenza in the event of a pandemic.
We think this kit is a perfect kit for more than just pandemics as it has everything you need to prevent catching the flu. The risk for a large pandemic outbreak at any moment is an unfortunate but very real possibility.

Without chlorine, infectious pathogens could be supplied to the public.What's more, the day may come during a pandemic, where the municipalities are unable to pump water to your home. Pictured right, is a pandemic mask intended for pandemics; they are particulate respirators which filter out many chemicals as well.
This has all the personal protective equipment and supplies, such as N95 respirators, eye protection, vinyl gloves, disposable thermometers, biohazard bags and more.How to Survive a PandemicIn the event of a pandemic alert, here is a list of suggestions for you and your family to follow. Real US Military Pandemic Flu Preparedness Kit, designed by military health officials for issue to military families.
The military recognized the dangers of a pandemic that could impact our readiness and decided to produce and distribute these pandemic flu response kits. Contains 4 surgical masks, 2 NIOSH approved N95 respirator masks, 4oz bottle of hand sanitizer and instruction card that contains instructions for use as well as information on how to prepare for and remain safe during a pandemic.
A pandemic is a virus or disease that affects a large number people in multiple countries.Hollywood may have dramatized a virus that doesn't really exist, but they have also illustrated a very real threat to mankind. Something you can do today to improve your health and well being and simultaneously prepare for a pandemic is to ensure you get more probiotics into your diet. Mind you this list goes to extreme measures, but you will need to take extreme measures to survive a pandemic. The Department of Defense has these Pandemic Flu Response Kits produced and distributed to every Department of Defense worker and beneficiary. Cottonwood is used for the fire kits is not and addtional quantity of matches, for 24 total, and.

A pandemic can happen in a matter of hours and last up to eight weeks, and you can get it simply from being at the wrong end of a sneeze or by being on a transcontinental flight.Historically, viruses have killed massive populations within days and medical professionals agree our society is long overdue for such a pandemic. Thermometer.Preferably an analog and not a digital thermometer as an extreme pandemic may cause power failure as people in the power companies don't show up to work.
Following is a list to help you survive a pandemic:Stock up on supplies, now while they are still available.
While basic, the contents of this kit are essential for providing protection in the event of a pandemic.
Ensure you have the ten items described above to help you prepare for pandemic.Take Probiotics. If you must venture out and expose yourself and your family during a pandemic during extreme crisis, then by all means wear your mask! Unlike other kits we include a rehydration mix, proper eye protection, and protective clothing to prepare you to care for a sick family member.

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