Unlike Netflix, YouTube also offers a collection of movies free of charge, available to anyone passing through for instant streaming, not requiring a membership or credit card number.
The most subsidized and ubiquitous American crop is explored in this documentary about two friends who plant an acre of corn and follow it from seed to food products. An odd collection, sure, but Paste has done the dirty work and plucked the most notable freebies of the bunch that are highly worthy of some classic, YouTube time wasting.

Whether its the stringed hubcap flying saucers, visible pillows found in the graveyard, or even the very concept of aliens destroying humanity by reanimating the dead, this movie is just so ridiculously flawed in the best way possible.
Magnificent in its freakish, dour mood and visual eccentricities, the movie invented much of modern vampire lore as we know it. Download, americantubeplus, watch free download, americantubeplus, watch hd live online for free.

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