They call it the Rim Fire, and it's been nearly two weeks since it started burning around Yosemite National Park. This is the seventh largest fire in California history and covers over 280 square miles—an area larger than the city of Chicago. For local residents, correct and up-to-date information has been at a premium while they've watched and waited out the blaze. A High Fire Danger Level means that fuels are dry so that fires can start easily from any cause, unattended camp fires are more likely to escape and fires that do escape may become serious and difficult to control.

Currently, the forest has no fire restrictions for the public in place, but asks that visitors use caution while enjoying their natural spaces. The Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) remains an IFPL II on all lands protected by the Siuslaw National Forest. While there have been no evacuations yet in Yosemite itself, the fire has threatened many neighboring towns, and even San Francisco's power supply.
Groveland, CA resident Christina Wilkinson manages a Facebook page for locals that has served as an essential resource of up to the minute information.

Forest Officials are asking that visitors please be fire safe when visiting the national forest.

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