Description: This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to keep you safe for an extended period of time. This Long Term Food Storage Deluxe Survival Kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. Click the button below to add the Deluxe Survival Kit with Long Term Food Storage to your wish list. Wise Company takes  an innovative  approach, providing dependable, simple and  affordable ready-made  seasoned freeze dried  meats for emergency  survival and outdoor use.

Whether you are planning your family for the future uncertainties or your next outdoor adventure you will want Wise Foods Gourmet Meats on your menu.
Because our freeze dried meats are uniquely seasoned the can be combined with other emergency survival foods you already have to create more complete meals. We provide a wide variety of great-tasting gourmet emergency food storage breakfasts that your family will love to eat! There are 44 Long Term Food Storage Meals in this kit that will feed 1 Person for 14 days or 2 People for 1 Week.

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