Price is the first thing people look at when shopping large food supplies but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A number of food storage companies will boast total servings while others will state calories per day. Another important aspect that will make eating the food storage kit more enjoyable is the level of variety. TIP#1: Number of cans is often not a very good indicator of food as some brands fill their cans 60% full while others fill them to the top.
In our Face Off Review of the Emergency Essentials Gourmet 1600 Food Supply versus the Food Insurance 1264 Entree Meal Kit it isn’t until this step do you see just how much a better deal one of the kits is over the other. The food storage industry is getting better at this but not too long ago you would find year supply of food storage kits that derived 50% of its calories from cases and cases of sugary drink mixes! For one, kits with a similar calorie total might not weigh close to each other if one has food that is freeze dried (a lighter product by nature) and the other is filled with much heavier dehydrated items. Take a look at the final data points and see which food storage kit is the better overall purchase. Add those all up and you have your total cost, but you’re not done yet, you need to take that final number and use the next talking point, calories, to be able to see the true value of a food reserve.
Buy small samples of the brands you are checking out before spending a lot of money on foods you haven’t tried.

That is a question that is often asked when it comes to emergency food storage, but, to be honest, there are no pat answers. When you are ready to work on long term food storage, you should make a specific goal for yourself. When it comes to supplies of food, there is plenty of advice to be had either online or in various publications. It is crucial to remember that you are establishing a home and food storage program that is designed to meet the needs of your family and not someone else's. I feel like continuing the conversation on food storage, since I had such a plethora of comments.
They often have upwards of 150 cans of different foods, some freeze-dried some dehydrated, some with just-add-water meals while other kits require cooking meals from scratch. Big kits are popular as you can often get bulk savings of 10-40% off buying the food storage individually. No one wants to be on the end of buying a kit that is the same price as another but comes with 50% less food! No one wants to be eating the same thing every other day while they are out of work and using their year back up of food.
Save big by crunching the numbers, it might take a hour of your time but it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your next large food storage purchase!

When you have smaller mylar pouches you can open up less food at one time and in some cases eat out of the pouch so you don’t dirty dishes! Some people envision food storage as being a basement store room packed wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling with boxes, jars, tubs and barrels of foods of various types. Mind you, it is likely intended as a start, with the expectation being that you would be adding to your food storage with various other necessities.
Storing in the garage can be tricky — it depends on the food type and how it is preserved and sealed. To get started, find a good emergency planning checklist of the things you need to do, and the items you will need, and the papers you will need to gather in case of emergency. Government and industry experts recommend having at least a 72 hour supply of food and water on hand in order to cope with some sudden emergency. Should you prefer to avoid the do-it-yourself route to long term food storage there are certainly other options. Have a list of items with your emergency checklists that you would pack last minute to take with you if you have to evacuate (for items such as family photos, the family Bible, jewelry, favorite small items that cannot be replaced).

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