I wanted to download the Food Storage E-Book you wrote about, but the link takes me to the website’s most current blog post, not the e-book. For the month access to our fully as described emergency food storage calculator before, it is constantly ideal to shelter in location. A good food storage is a diversified one, so consider a combination of dry bulk items, canned foods, dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods, purpose-packed long-term foods (kits, #10 cans, packets, some processed foods, etc.). It is a very important principle to rotate your foods (even your bulk) to minimize spoilage.

Just remember when eating FD foods without being re-hydrated, your stomach is much fuller than you think!
Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. The calculator is based on recommendations that I found issued by the LDS, who are a popular source of information in the realm of food storage. Yes good food for long storage, but like Ken I see a huge need to compliment those with a LOT of other things.

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