With Pet Safety Month going on here at Two Little Cavalier today’s post was going to be Fireworks Safety but we have posted about it before and while it is a real issue for some dogs others are not bothered by them at all. If you have to go out make sure that your pets have access to fresh water and a snack before you leave as you might be stuck out longer then expected if flash flooding does occur. Moments later pensioner Jinty Young's Ford Ka was swept 240ft down the road as the Perthshire village of Alyth was deluged. Most of the South is under flash flood warnings this weekend and since it is not a topic covered often I thought I would take the opportunity to help you keep your family and pets safe. When you are in the mountains like most of the area under flash flood safety warnings this can happen in a matter of minutes especially when everything is already pretty moist to begin with.

Flash Flood Safety means that the simple act of driving in your car from your home to a friend’s home to get together to hang out can become deadly.
Except for heat related fatalities, more deaths occur from flooding than any other natural hazard. If possible especially if you are in area prone to flooding set up an indoor potty station until the storms pass and you can safely take your dog outside.
This is the amazing moment when a flash flood victim was pulled to safety through the boot of her car and into the bucket of a digger.
Break out the BBQ making sure to keep our BBQ Safety Tips in mind and have a quiet night at home with your dogs inside and only out on a leash in case a firework cracks overhead at a very inopportune moment.

Just as she was lifted to safety the vehicle was swept away, coming to a rest 240ft away in Parkside Road.

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