We can provide a one day flood fight methods course at your site, or a two day, flood fight training for trainers course which includes techniques, leadership, and presentation style.
The best way to avoid or minimise the risk of flooding is to plan before developing your property. You will still need a flood hazard report if your property is protected by flood control methods such as stopbanks, dams and floodgates. The diagram below shows how stopbanks protect areas prone to flooding and how the 100-year flood and freeboard levels are applied.
Waikato Regional Council is responsible for the overall management of rivers and catchments in the Waikato region.

Find out more about river and catchment management and flood risk assessment in the Waikato region, including special projects for the Coromandel Peninsula and the Thames Coast areas. This presentation will present a summary of my PhD research to date, along with the conceptual and methodological framework. Conceptual framework Applying to concept of ecosystem services (defined as ecosystem functions from which humans gain a benefit) to natural flood management and SuDs as visualised in the 3 ring circus earlier. Flood protection is part of our river and catchment management activities along with soil conservation and river management. It will look to clarify the influence of the valuation process and the social-ecological system, on the values of ecosystem services associated with SuDs, as an example of a natural flood management technique.

It is largely a methodological investigation, based in and clarifying the influences of the valuation process and the social-ecological system to social welfare.

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