At the scene: Jon Donnison, BBC News, Luzon, PhilippinesUnlike previous tropical cyclones, the threat from typhoon Koppu is not so much from the wind but from the massive amount of rain. While the Philippines is no stranger to typhoons and tropical storms, the slow-moving nature of Koppu means heavy rain will fall for longer than usual, bringing greater risk of flooding and landslides.It is the second strongest storm to hit the archipelago this year. MANILA: Torrential rain paralysed large parts of the Philippine capital on Monday as neck-deep water swept through homes, while floods in northern farming areas claimed at least one life. Schools, government offices and the stock exchange in the megacity of 12 million people closed as a red alert was raised in the morning, the highest level of a warning system in which widespread floods are predicted. Roads from Cavite and other southern areas into the city were impassable, while some motorists who tried to get through the flooded streets were forced to abandon their cars. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said some northern regions were experiencing floods of 1.2 metres (four feet), following persistent rain that began at the weekend. At least one person died in a flood-related car accident and two people were missing in the north, the disaster council reported.
The flooding was due to the normal monsoon being exacerbated by Tropical Storm Trami, which was causing problems despite being more than 500 kilometres (300 miles) from the Philippines, weather forecasters said.

Widespread deforestation, the conversion of wetlands to farms or cities, and the clogging up of natural drainage systems with garbage are some of the factors that worsen floods.
The deadliest storm in the world last year occurred in the Philippines, when Typhoon Bopha left more than 1,000 dead and 800 others missing in the south of the country. A man pushes his bicycle cart through waist-deep flooding caused by typhoon Linfa, locally named Egay, at Longos town in Malabon city, north of Manila, on July 6, 2015.
A mother puts her baby in a basin while she wades in waist-deep flooding caused by typhoon Linfa, locally named Egay, at Longos town in Malabon city, north of Manila, on July 6, 2015. A father holds his daughter as they wade through waist-deep flooding caused by typhoon Linfa, locally named Egay, at Longos town in Malabon city, north of Manila, on July 6, 2015.
MANILA (REUTERS) - All shipping was ordered to remain in harbour and some flights were cancelled in the northern Philippines, while schools were closed in the capital Manila on Monday due to flooding and landslides from a tropical storm, disaster officials said.
Storm warnings were issued in at least 14 areas of the main Philippine island of Luzon as tropical storm Linfa moved slowly across the north of the South-east Asian archipelago.
At least 50 people have been killed and thousands more evacuated as floods caused by heavy rain brought chaos to the Philippines, officials say.At least one town is completely under water.

Some forecasts suggest it may not be until Wednesday that it moves past the Philippines and on to Taiwan.
Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall in the Philippines, killed more than 6,300 people and left 1,000 missing in 2013.
It is this ridge that effectively traps typhoon Koppu over the Philippines for a number of days rather than it being able to turn away from the Philippines and out of harm's way to the South China Sea. Television pictures showed water flowing down roads like rivers, with the floods chest-deep and rising.
The equivalent of a whole month's rain fell in six hours as Tropical Storm Ketsana, also known as Ondoy, lashed the island of Luzon, causing the worst flooding in Manila for 20 years.

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