This project is an excellent example of Waterfronts NL’s experience in the process of flood prevention and waterfront development, including stakeholder management, communicating with a variety of audiences, and providing long-term expertise in water management. Our flood warning widget allows you to embed our live Flood Warnings onto a page on your website. If you are unsure how to add this to your site, please contact your website administrator in the first instance.
The refresh command means that the Environment Agency web page is reloaded every 10 minutes, Not your own website.

The Google Chrome Widget was developed to allow quick and easy access to live flood warnings in force across England and Wales from a web browser. Volunteers in London have set up a website to help flood victims throughout the country in need of help. The recent flooding has caused an unprecedented number of sinkholes to appear in roads and near people's homes.
Users of the Flood widget should be aware that if the FWIS service is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or service interruption (however caused) this would result in a temporary loss of the data for this service during this period of downtime.

These services provide two new channels for people at flood risk to access flood warning information from the Environment Agency.

Electromagnetic pulse generator plans
Special needs populations in disasters
Technology disaster recovery


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