This project comes from the book called, "Flat Stanley," in which the main character who has been flattened, has all sorts of adventures when his family sends him places through the mail. The adults who receive these new flat friends, take the little guys or girls on all sorts of adventure. The range of destinations for Stanley is limited only by the creativity of the people he visits.
In this first game, I want to see how well my student's grasp the concept of asking questions, understanding clues, and coming to a final conclusion.

We have been reading about Flat Stanley in class, and on this blog I would like for you and your child to discuss the places their Flat Stanley might go and what news Flat Stanley brought back to them about other people and places. Some ways of helping students get practice in using the keyboard include: providing games that teach them correct finger placement, and typing their site words. I provided an image of what Flat Stanley looks like of the one I will be handing out to students in class, be sure to discuss possible destinations for your child's Flat Stanley to visit, because I would like everyone to send their's off by this Friday!
Be sure though, to allow them to play the game afterwards, because they may get tired of typing words pretty fast!

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