Flash floods usually result from intense storms dropping large amounts of rain within a brief period. Keep insurance policies, documents, and other valuables in a safe deposit box and keep copies in a waterproof container in your Ready kit. Reduce potential flood damage by raising your furnace, water heater and electric panel if they are in areas of your home that may be flooded.
If it has been raining hard for several hours, or steadily raining for several days, be alert to the possibility of a flood.

Closely monitor a local radio station, TV station, NOAA Weather Radio or the Ready Georgia app for flood information. Choose a meeting place outside of your neighborhood in case your family is apart and unable to return home due to flooded roads.
The National Flood Insurance Program is designed to provide reasonable flood insurance in exchange for the careful management of flood-prone areas by local communities.
A watch is issued for flooding that is expected to occur six to 12 hours after the heavy rains have ended.

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