Many people work on emergency preparedness in their own homes—having freeze-dried food, water storage, and emergency supplies.
When that disaster does strike, whether it’s a tornado, flood, earthquake, or fire, this is the time to come together as a community.
Spread the word– Organize your own home for a disaster, have a family emergency plan, and then spread the word to neighbors, friends, and family.
Practice the plan– Have mock disaster drills to ensure that each community member knows where to go, who to look for, and what to do when a natural disaster strikes. This entry was posted in Community Preparedness of Ways to Organize, Emergency Resource Guide, Preparedness Basics. Some people put together entire disaster preparedness kits and plans, which is all fine and well.

The word needs to be spread that a storm is coming, streets need to be sandbagged, a fire needs to be put out, or debris needs to be cleaned up – this is when we need each other as a neighborhood, especially when communication is down.
Our communities should be able to survive for three days on their own and have the necessary evacuation and shelter plans to do so.
We can encourage our employers to take steps toward preparing emergency essentials the same way we do with our community. Community organizations, like Citizen Corps Councils, are available nationwide and help develop community emergency plans that include outreach, education, and emergency training. The local leaders who serve on the Citizen Corps Councils should reflect all sectors of the whole community to ensure every stakeholder has a seat at the table. Like many other community groups, Citizen Corps Councils encourages volunteerism and offers aid during an actual disaster.

For example, set a goal that everyone will bring five food storage recipes to the next meeting. You could even assemble the kits at your meeting or try out some of the recipes that were suggested.

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