A First Aid kit is something that all of us should have in our homes, our cars, at work and even to some extent, carried on our person. If you already have a First Aid kit for the home then review the contents and make sure that the supplies are adequate for what your needs are. Make a note of the items that are being replenished and create a chart to place inside the kit or taped to it. Two: If you already have a home First Aid Kit, review the contents and see what needs to be replenished or tossed out due to expiration date.

The reason it was selected was that it wasn't International Orange or Red Cross Red and wouldn't stand out if it was in the trunk of your vehicle or strapped to your gear. These items could be butterfly closures, skin glue, more gauze, non-stick pads, gloves, etc. If you and your pet normally do outdoorsy events together then adding in a pet IFAK is definitely something to consider.
Dont know what uses some items we take for granted or think are trash can actually turn out to be.

I am also working on planting red potatoes in containers and continue to use a "salad bowl" to grow lettuce and spinach for my salads, were I can just trim as I need it and keep it growing!

Us physical map with rivers and mountains
Survival food list from the grocery store
Non perishable food items for emergency kit


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