He also noted that aspirin should be avoided in children due to Reye’s syndrome so he did not include it on this list for moms.
I headed to Walmart with his list and wanted to stock up on every item, but also knew that I had to find a pretty way to package it. I have prepared for you a FREE printable list of First Aid Essentials that you can take to the store of all the recommendations Dr.

Enter below to win one $100 Walmart Gift Card from BHG at Walmart to stock your First Aid Kit for the new year. Jamie Shoemaker is an ER Doctor for Elkhart General Hospital and GRACIOUSLY offered his expert opinion on what every mom should have in her First Aid Kit to be prepared for emergency situations. Since I have nowhere to tuck my First Aid kit, it will rest on top of our little bathroom storage unit, on display for our guests.

I wanted something attractive for storage so I settled on this handy Better Homes & Gardens Chesapeake Magazine Basket for under $13 that housed all of these fabulous First Aid essentials with ease and kept them tucked away without anyone knowing what is in there.

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