The General Purpose is a generous first aid kit for around the home or to take on holidays. FastAid has available to you Restocking Forms for each First Aid Kit included in our range. Calcium gluconate gel is used in first aid response to hydrofluoric acid (HF) exposure or contact to the body.
All HF burns or exposure should be referred to a hospital after washing and starting initial first-aid procedures with Calcium Gluconate Gel. FastAid has recently developed a Marine Range of First Aid Kits to keep you covered this Summer! Have a closer look at your first aid provisions on board your vessel, to check if they are compliant to relevant requirements as well as containing adequate supplies to effectively attend to a first aid emergency.
We have had questions of late in relation to what the requirements are for the design of first aid kits, in particular the first aid cross on the front of the cases.

If it comes time for your first aid resources audit, and the Tamper Tag has not been cut, you know the Kit is up to compliance. Unfortunately those unexpected accidents do happen, and it's wise to be properly equipped with a suitable first aid kit to suit your purpose. Will be first aid kit checklist nsw significantly can choose it up and know how to use it in an emergency scenario damages the. You should place a first aid kit location sign above the place where this kit is kept, so it is easy to find in an emergency. Essentially, the WHS change means you are or will soon be required to replace or update your current first aid kits.
Apply a firm crepe or roller bandage over the whole limb starting at the toes or finger tips and working up. Having a defibrillator on hand at your workplace or community club can make the difference in the first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest incident.

Due to prescriptions required & short expiry dates on medications, some items are not included in the above first aid kits.
FastAid has released the new R1 Remote Vehicle Kit (code: FAR1R30), covering 1-10 persons in a remote area environment.
FastAid manufactures first aid kits to cover the existing VIC and WA regulations as well as the new WHS regulation. If you would like something more comprehensive, we recommend looking at the R2 4WD Outback Kit in a soft pack case.

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