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The outlook is doubly depressing because research conclusively shows most students – an overwhelming 91 per cent – are keen to learn first aid. You can also throw in a little note for your childs teacher with your name and number so they can call you when they are in a bind and need a helper! Teachers are to be given first aid training so they can deal with medical emergencies and help the million pupils in English schools with long-term health conditions.

What none of the girl’s friends knew, because they hadn’t been taught, is that the correct treatment for an asthma attack is easy to learn and remember.
I even think that our local councils should find some money to sponsor such courses for as many people as it is possible.
Despite enduring pressure from numerous organisations (including the British Red Cross), there are currently no plans to make first aid a core part of the school curriculum. I think pupils should taking the first aid training because of Most accidents happen on the playground with pupils.

If they learn first aid now, years down the line they’ll already be confident and equipped with the right skills before they even step into a school.

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