First Aid for Teachers - 1-day first aid course for teachers and school staff, delivered in-house across the UKThis in-house First Aid for Teachers course provides teachers and school staff with the knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations at school and in the classroom. This First Aid for Teachers course is suitable for teachers and other staff working in a school environment who require the first aid skills necessary to act in an emergency.Pre-requisitesCandidates must be 18 or older and physically able to carry out the procedures listed in the course outline. Candidates who attend all of the sessions and are successful in the practical assessment will be awarded the First Aid for Teachers Certificate, valid for a period of 3 years.
The British Red Cross is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as one of the standard setters for workplace first aid training.
Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter. Teachers are to be given first aid training so they can deal with medical emergencies and help the million pupils in English schools with long-term health conditions. Despite enduring pressure from numerous organisations (including the British Red Cross), there are currently no plans to make first aid a core part of the school curriculum. The outlook is doubly depressing because research conclusively shows most students – an overwhelming 91 per cent – are keen to learn first aid. What none of the girl’s friends knew, because they hadn’t been taught, is that the correct treatment for an asthma attack is easy to learn and remember. I think pupils should taking the first aid training because of Most accidents happen on the playground with pupils.

As the nation's leading first aid charity, we want to teach everyone simple, life saving skills. This morning’s call by politicians for schools to teach CPR skills is welcome – but only goes part of the way to addressing a thorny issue. Earlier today, the Labour Party announced its intention to teach all school pupils how to provide CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) for someone experiencing cardiac arrest.
Currently, British schools have no obligation to teach students about first aid, despite the obvious benefits such education would bring.
The British Red Cross has been campaigning for years to get first aid on to the curriculum.
If they’re going to be equipped to help, students absolutely need to be taught the full range of first aid skills. These stories show how, with just a bit of training, young people can be an incredible force for good. What’s needed now is a firm commitment to include first aid as a compulsory part of the school curriculum. We strongly encourage our political leaders to make first aid education mandatory for all primary and secondary students. My school does have first aid on the curriculum, it’s added high value experience to all the children who learn.

Yes, First Aid should be on the national curriculum but it needs to be given to all volunteers of British Red Cross if they need or ask for it. Those in retail have been refused it and so to take further action in getting this on the national curriculum, it needs to start by getting it too all volunteers first. I have long been an advocate of first aid in schools, having been a school welfare assistant. We know that emergencies can happen anywhere, but only seven per cent of people can correctly recall first aid information and feel confident and willing to execute it. I even think that our local councils should find some money to sponsor such courses for as many people as it is possible.
If a pensioner collapsed in a red cross shop 98% of volunteers do not know the first aid to help them.
If they learn first aid now, years down the line they’ll already be confident and equipped with the right skills before they even step into a school.
Satisfying these criteria will show to employers that you are competent to deliver first aid training.

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