We have two (2) Vermont Fire Safety House Trailers that are designed as a mobile fire safety classroom that includes a scaled down home.
The Fire Safety Houses have lesson plans, props and other teaching tools to help facilitate teaching essential fire safety lessons. The arrival of the fire safety house in your community marks the beginning of the actual presentation.
The site must be level and provide good supports for the Fire Safety House and its tow vehicle.

In the bed room of the fire safety house we use a consumer fog machine to produce a theatrical fog that simulates the effect of smoke. A number of studies have been published on the potential health effects presented by exposure to theatrical fogs and artificial mists. The Safety House is a portable classroom and hands-on learning tool that provides both children and adults with knowledge in fire and life safety.
The Division provides the trailers at NO COST to fire departments and other groups to help in teaching various fire prevention and home safety topics.

This unit contains a residental sprinkler system that can be used for live fire demonstrations.

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