Premises comprising several or multiple accommodation units can pose an increased risk from fire to the occupants, particularly if those premises are poorly designed, managed or maintained. HMOs are far more profitable to run than other types of residential lettings with rental incomes often two to three times those of single households. They require more in terms of initial investment to meet stringent health & safety regulations. A landlord operating HMO type property will be under all the usual obligations of a landlord to maintain the property, its structure and internal services, in a fit and safe condition for his tenants.
The landlord or house manager must by law be in control of the occupancy situation at all times.
This course introduces a number of fundamental topics that are key to the effective management of fire safety in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Progression pathways are available for those wishing to further develop knowledge and understanding in order to carry out fire risk assessments of HMOs.
This modular course has been designed for managers, landlords and those with an interest in fire safety measures in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). It is anticipated that learners are likely to have a basic awareness of the fundamentals of fire safety. On completion of this course you will be able to print a Fire Protection Association (FPA) certificate. The Local Government Act NI provides the framework for the transfer of responsibility for the registration of houses in multiple occupation and unfitness from the Housing Executive to the new councils. But Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) need high safety standards as there are greater risks involved.

In order to make sure that safety standards are adhered to, we ask landlords to register properties which are being rented out to multiple occupants.
Landlords converting properties into HMOs need to be aware planning, building regulations, environmental health and fire regulations must be complied with. Please refer to our Renting Guides for further information on how to safely rent a property.
If you live in a house with multiple occupants, find out more about what the certificate should cover.

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