SURREY IS THE LEADER IN PROVIDING THE LATEST INNOVATIONS IN FIRE SAFETY, AND SEVERE WEATHER TRAINING TRAILERS. Each Surrey Fire Safety House is custom made to the training needs and specifications of your organization. The Victoria FoundationLast year the fire department made an application to the Victoria Foundation for funds to help us purchase various pieces of equipment. Rope Rescue PracticeWe work hard at keeping up on all our skills, with rope rescue being only one of the many areas fire fighter must be proficient in. Fire SeasonBurning Permit season has arrived again and runs from April 1st to October 31st.
Snow Fire FighterWhen the snows come the fire fighters need to get to the hall and put chains on all the fire trucks (and take them off again when the snow is gone), but there's still time for a bit of fun! Members of the depatment had some fun playing fire soccer with the summer program at Galiano school. Extrication Rescue PracticeAfter taking a car apart with extrication tools, you need to get in and rescue any occupants trapped inside.Here a fire fighter immobilizes the patient's head while others ready the spine board to remove the patient from the car.

Although Fire Fighters have large trucks and hoses to put out fire, we also practice with hand held extinguishers. Auto Extrication PracticeThis may look like a fairly tidy auto wreckers, but it's actually the SGVFD's training ground after a weekend of practicing auto extrication.
Recently, Fire Fighters spent a Saturday building a shelter for our old fire truck at the hall.
Fire Fighter Chris Terpenning practices with a wajax pump, used mainly with fires in the forest or other remote locations.
Community member Kelly Blackwood volunteered an old cabin on his property for the fire department to practice on. Richard Wilson, Richard Vincent and Thijs Vermeulen learn the latest in vehicle extrication, one of the many hands on demonstrations in Oliver at the annual volunteer fire fighters convention.
Our much loved old engine got a second life when it was shipped to Peru by Firefighters Without Borders Canada.
Welcome to our new Fire ChiefSean Luttmer has been a member of the South Galiano Fire Department since 1991 and is being promoted from Chief Training Officer to Fire Chief.

Fire Chief Bill Jones is retiring (again!)After a career in the Vancouver Fire Department Bill retired to Galiano and became a member of the SGVFD in 1995.
Congratulations to Tahirih, Robin, Rachel and Gabe who have been training hard since they joined almost two years ago and have achieved their Basic certification level of firefighting. After 38 years with the Burnaby Fire Department and 20 years with the SGVFD, Roy Davies is retiring again. The "Get Prepared" campaign encourages Canadians to be prepared to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency, enabling first responders to focus on those in urgent need.
Many thanks to past member Bill Stevens who kept our first engine safe for the 30 years after it's retirement.
This money has now been spent on upgrading our equipment and improving firefighter and the public’s safety in emergency events.

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