Recent fires in the Diamond Creek area remind us that it’s bushfire season again in Victoria. If you want to be more proactive then you can attend Fire Ready Information sessions being held in St Andrews, Panton Hill, Plenty and Eltham.
In this section you'll enjoy learning about fire safety, and have lots of fun at the same time. THE recent Donnybrook Rd grassfire prompted the biggest turnout to Fire Ready meetings our CFA captains have seen in years. Fire ready meetings will be scheduled for the start of the next bushfire season, around November. Code Red signals the worst conditions for a grass or bushfire and means that if a fire was to start, it would be uncontrollable. For those who are frail, have a physical disability, or have trouble thinking clearly or acting quickly in stressful situations, it is even more important to leave early if there is a threat of fire. The FireReady smartphone app displays active fires on a map, as well as Fire Danger Ratings and warnings. However, if you have cleared the gutters, kept the grass down and removed flammable items nearby, your house has a greater chance of not catching alight in a fire - and you have a better chance of being able to return home. GOT to pay interest, and can't reach absolutely cfa fire ready meetings everyone immediately case of loss or damage. Epping CFA captain Heath Kenzie says recent turnouts to fire ready meetings have been promising.
This summer, parts of Victoria are at above average risk of bushfire and grassfire so it's important to prepare for fire in advance of the summer months. A rating of Severe or Extreme fire danger signals that if a fire starts and takes hold, it will be unpredictable and fast moving.

If you don't live directly next to grassland and a grassfire starts, it's safer to stay where you are because it's unlikely a fire will spread past fences and houses.
They will endeavour to attend properties directly threatened by the fire, if it is safe to do so and there are sufficient resources. The meeting at Epping CFA station drew 43 people on March 28, while 35 residents attended the South Morang meeting held earlier. Your fire risk depends on a number of factors, including where you live and how easy it is to get out.
Preparing your property is important, but it does not mean that your house will provide protection for you and your family during a fire.
If you live near bush, you could be at serious risk of uncontrollable fires on Severe, Extreme and Code Red days. If you live directly next to grassland and a grassfire starts, you need to quickly put two or three house blocks between you and the fire.
Epping CFA Captain Heath Kenzie said no one turned up to fire ready meetings held before the February 18 grassfire, which came dangerously close to homes in Epping and Wollert. Every household should have a conversation about when you will leave before a fire and where you will go. For more information on planning and preparing for fire this summer, visit the CFA website or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on 1800 240 667.
Talk to your household about where you'll go and when you're going to leave, so it's easier for you to get out before a fire. Discussion during the meeting centred on CFA fire alerts, preparing properties and fire behaviour. Because fires can start and spread very quickly in some conditions, leaving early is the safest option for anyone in a high-risk fire area.

Here is a list of Fire Ready Victoria community meetings planned for the North East Area in coming weeks.
You can also do simple things around your property like reducing weeds, firewood, grass and other fuel around your house and clearing your gutters. South Morang captain Lindsay McHugh said most of those who attended his meeting did not have fire plans. You can make a decision about when to leave by understanding the risk where you live, and checking Fire Danger Ratings.
The Victorian Bushfire Information Line is 1800 240 667 and the NSW Rural Fire Service number is 1800 679 737.
Pack an emergency kit so you're ready to go any time - including important papers and essentials like mobile phones, medications, changes of clothes and water.
As a minimum, your preparations should include understanding your fire risk, knowing where to find Fire Danger Ratings and how to use them, and talking to your household about what you'll do if a fire starts. However, it is important to remember that any firefighters deployed to protect individual houses may be diverted to try and contain the spread of the fire.
In other words, leaving early is a precaution you take just in case there is a fire - because in some conditions, any fire that starts is likely to be uncontrollable. Get the most up to date information by listening to emergency broadcasters including ABC radio, local radio and SKY News, from the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667, on CFA's website, on the FireReady smartphone app, or through CFA's social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
A rating of Severe or Extreme signals that if a fire starts and takes hold it will be unpredictable and fast moving.

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