Lepore was hired by the Long Beach Fire Department in 1986 and completed their 12-week academy.
You will be exposed to information about a myriad of different topics while in the academy. This special section is written by Stew Smith, CSCS, former Navy SEAL and fitness author of six published books and more than 35 ebooks and test prep guides on military, law enforcement, and firefighter training. When you arrive at the academy, you will be placed in a stressful environment and expected to excel in firefighter education, close quarter living, team work, and daily physical fitness events.
EVEN if you are not going into a fire academy, this type of functional training is beneficial to building endurance and muscle stamina and long lasting strength. Exercise to Practice: Once again, running, upper body exercises that affect the legs, biceps, shoulders, upper back, muscles of the forearm and grip will assist in preparation of performing this test.
Available free for FireLink members, download this FREE Beginner Plan to assist with weight loss and getting back into fitness. He entered the fire service as a civilian Paramedic for the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985.

The physical agility test is not even close to the exertion you will go through in the academy.
Though each department differs in testing exercises and measuring criteria, most NEW firefighter personnel will be tested in challenging and physically demanding events. You would be surprised but many people are physically unprepared for life in the military, fire and rescue, and other public service professions when they arrive. For more detailed workout and fitness plans, visit the Fitness by Stew Smith, CSCS, section in the FireLink Training Center. This is one of the reasons we encourage you to take fire science and EMT courses prior to getting hired on the fire department. For those who properly prepare themselves, the academy PT can be just another workout – a stress reliever even! If you show up fit and able to pass your CPAT or other firefighter test easily, the fitness part of the academy will be a STRESS releaser – not a STRESS INCREASER.
Set it up beforehand; don’t wait until you start the academy to figure out where you are going to study.

Due to the fast pace of the training academy, your body does not have a chance to recover from one day to the next.
Many fire departments require that their entry-level recruit firefighters complete the physical EACH DAY as a part of their morning physical fitness routing. The recruit who barely passed the exam to get hired will be in big trouble as the academy progresses.
The academy is not the time for a recruit to get in top physical condition, rather it is the time to weed out those who are not prepared.

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