Jay announced the festival at special conference in Philly back in February, and this past weekend a promo spot for the event aired during the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics.
Awesome news for music fans: the Made in America Festival is returning to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for Labor Day Weekend 2013. The two-day festival will be hitting the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday and Sunday, August 31 and September 1. As for the artists performing this year, the festival line-up will be announced this Wednesday, April 10 on Spotify.

UPDATE: The 2013 festival lineup has been announced, a bunch of awesome performers are set to take the stage.
The eagerly anticipated Made In America festival finally comes to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway this weekend with big-name musical acts, local food and much more. Made In America recently released its performance schedule, including the times and locations for each act. For the night owls, there is still plenty to do in the city after the festival concludes each day.

I’m just imagining all of the tweets about how lame Philly is because there was nowhere to eat after the festival let out or when a 2 AM hunger pang hit with not enough spots to go to.

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