FEMA Corps is currently accepting applications for Corps Members to begin serving in Summer 2016!The application deadline is April 1st, 2016, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Given the prevalence and severity of disasters and other hazards, FEMA is looking for ways to diversify and fortify its existing disaster workforce structure.
The Select Board has an excellent record of prudently applying the fund balance to stabilize the tax rate. At the 2014 Deliberative Session, the voters responded to the 41% increase in the town tax rate by voting in an 8% across-the-board cut to the operating budget and by zeroing out many warrant articles. Over the last 15 years, Alstead’s average tax rate is $26.15 (per $1000 of assessed valuation).
McDonough, was away from the crew serving as a lookout, adding an element of safety for the crew by observing the location of the fire and taking hourly weather observations. A couple of hours later the size was estimated at 15 to 20 acres and was being fought by state, federal, and local fire departments. In New York and New Jersey, FEMA is updating those maps, and so far many homeowners don't like what they are seeing.
When Sandy hit, FEMA was already two years into a project to update the flood maps, which in some areas dated back to the 1980s.
Members are based at one of five regional campuses and travel to complete service projects throughout those regions.To be considered for FEMA Corps, you must first apply to AmeriCorps NCCC.

In contrast, in 2012, Alstead used $276,775 from its fund balance to pay for 2012 warrant articles ($114,775) and to reduce the town tax rate ($162,000). A National Guard Blackhawk helicopter will be assigned to the fire today along with two hand crews, a dozer, and an assortment of engines from federal, state, and volunteer agencies.
Two years later when the tax rate was the lowest ($18.63), the assessed value jumped to $227,400. If our obligations are close to last year’s, taxes won’t change much, but our tax rate will go up.
In a weekday holiday week in which 32 hours are worked from Monday to Friday, work done on the weekend earns no overtime until more than 8 hours are worked. It generally takes 3-5 years to finish, but FEMA decided to release an early version, like a rough draft, so that people could have the most recent data available to decide how to rebuild.
In 2003 when the tax rate was the highest ($35.55), one Alstead home was assessed at $124,200. This total includes part-time and seasonal wildland firefighters, full-time wildland firefighters, and municipal or volunteer firefighters whose deaths are related to a wildland fire. If the fund balance is used to reduce the tax rate, only the Select Board members vote to do this.
Within three hours a formal Search and Rescue operation was ordered which involved numerous, volunteers, state, federal and local government personnel.

He says the construction could have been done in January, but he stopped work for a few months when FEMA released a new version of its flood maps, which are used to set insurance rates.
The Alstead Advisory Budget Committee is comprised of volunteers who provide an independent perspective on our town’s budgeting process, as well as offering our budget recommendations to Alstead voters and the Alstead Selectmen.
What lawmakers didn't foresee at the time was that new FEMA flood maps would bring staggering premium hikes for many of the 5.5 million people covered by the National Flood Insurance Program. The main reason the town tax rate increased is that in 2013 no funds were moved from the fund balance to pay for warrant articles or to reduce the town tax rate.
This means that in a "hundred-year storm," FEMA modeling predicts waves three feet or higher would hit his home.
The Select Board can’t use money from the fund balance without the town’s approval, except to reduce the tax rate or for an emergency appropriation.

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