First of all, given FEMA's mission as an emergency management agency, it's hardly surprising that FEMA would be keeping a stock of storable food and water supplies. Each time you enter a forest or emergency fema region 3 alert snopes other you never ever know when an earthquake days than in the. Contrary to the beliefs of the theorists, then, the burial vaults aren't owned by the government, or FEMA.

The first step of this action would be to disarm the American people, and throw anyone that is, or might be, a threat into a detention center — a FEMA camp. Around the country is stored the 5 million, what will be, FEMA coffins in various locations.
This means all of our water resources, construction services and materials (steel, concrete, etc.), our civil transportation system, food and health resources, our energy supplies including oil and natural gas - even farm equipment - can be taken over by the President and his cabinet secretaries.

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