The NCTCOG is launching the Metro Safe Room Rebate Program to help North Texans cover some of their costs.
With North Texas being in Tornado Alley there is always a market for and interest in safe rooms, but after six North Texans and dozens of Oklahoma residents lost their lives in separate tornadic events Castaneda said inquires are spiking.
Storm Dorms is a member of the American Tornado Shelter Association and is therefore authorized to install your shelter after a rebate has been granted.

Storm Dorms - Tornado shelters, FEMA rebate authorized installation in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.
Now the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is helping some North Texas residents foot the bill for those rooms. To receive reimbursement applicants must contract with National Storm Shelter Association or American Tornado Shelter Association certified suppliers.

Storm Dorms are rated to withstand the most powerful F5 tornadoes, which means that your family will have peace of mind during tornado season.

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