Read on to learn more about the three new FEMA social media capabilities, released just in time for September’s National Preparedness Month.
The Disaster Reporter tool on the FEMA App allows users to upload photos relevant to disasters. The Disaster Reporter feature on the FEMA App for Android and iOS came about due to the number of photos that appear on social media that don’t include geographic information.
FEMA learned through events such as the Deep Horizon oil spill in April 2010 that the public uploading geotagged photos can help determine where there are problem areas, as well as capable areas.

The Social Hub is a feature on the website that allows users to view aggregated tweets that are relevant to FEMA operations. He told us that FEMA is attempting to take its use of social networking from just an outlet for press releases into a two-way communication system. The FEMA website, as well as the website, are resources full of information that can be the difference between a high-stress or low-stress reaction to any issues that might affect you or your family.
FEMA has been proactive with using the web as a tool since Fugate had taken the reins in 2009, and is now an example for other emergency management agencies at the state and local levels.

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