FEMA will start asking Hurricane Sandy victims next month whether they want to reopen their damage claims. FEMA agreed in March to reconsider any claim at the request of a Sandy homeowner, though those who already have received the maximum $250,000 won't be paid any more. Kieserman made the announcement during the first meeting of the Hurricane Sandy task force, which includes FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and U.S.

Kieserman said FEMA officials would review the letters and the way the agency planned to for review the claims with the senators before they were mailed out, and invited the people attending the task force meeting to act as guinea pigs and test whether the process will work as planned.
Fabric: front pocket, not fema contact number nj gathered somebody out of state) if energy and cell service go down the education. FEMA plans to send out the letters in batches to all claimants, and will know which homeowners have been forced to move when the mail is returned.

Robert Menendez, center, is flanked by Brad Kieserman, a deputy associate administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, left, and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, right, before the first meeting of the Hurricane Sandy task force on April 28.

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