A former Manfredi auto dealership at 1976 Hylan Boulevard in the Staten Island community of Midland Beach has been serving as the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center on Staten Island.
A file photo of Islip Town Hall West, which served as a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center after superstorm Sandy. Sunday to visit Disaster Recovery Centers in Islip and Mastic, which will be closing, according to a FEMA release. 28 to register for federal disaster assistance, which could include "money for rent, essential home repairs, personal property losses and other serious disaster-related needs not covered by insurance," the Federal Emergency Management Agency release said. The first infusion of FEMA Sandy funding went directly to the city but the second wave is expected to be funneled through the state.
Sources have told the Advance that the Staten Island city Restoration Centers will be shuttered when the state takes control.

Spencer noted that Catholic Charities already has staff at the Restoration Centers, and that agency, as well as other non-profits, already provides casework services for Sandy victims across the city. Spencer added that "the Restoration Centers are not meant to be permanent" and any potential decision about shuttering them will be based on need. Catholic Charities, Spencer said, is in negotiations to be the managing agent for the state's Long Term Disaster Case Management contract, which hasn't been finalized.
The plan is for Catholic Charities to oversee the long-term relief efforts with a number of other local human service providers throughout the city, Long Island and other counties throughout the state impacted by Sandy.
I think this will be excellent for the sake of people who need long-term help." Catholic Charities is poised to partner with about 10 or 15 different non-profit organizations that have experience in providing long-term disaster case management. For example, if a client needed food and or housing information, the long term disaster case management provider would guide him or her to various city agencies or other resources and follow up to make sure that they were received, Spencer explained.

Meanwhile, the Staten Island Interfaith Disaster Response Coalition will be streaming the governor's State of the State address live at its Wednesday morning meeting of Island religious leaders and relief organizations at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island in New Brighton.
Andrew Cuomo's address as a coalition in addition to its ongoing role of sharing relief resources and trying to create a long-term recovery plan for Sandy. Last week's coalition meeting attracted 25 representatives including those from FEMA, the Red Cross, City Harvest, the New York State Nurses Association, the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Where-To-Turn, Occupy Sandy and the Building Bridges Coalition of Staten Island.

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