FCA has business continuity plans in place to ensure continuity of operations following a potential disruption or catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster, pandemic, or cyber-attack, including similar events within its supply chain. The results and priorities of the business continuity management process are reviewed regularly by a steering committee comprised of members of FCA US senior management. FCA Services has in place a Business Continuity Plan to avoid external or internal events that could breach operations for the provisioning of services to the customers or impair the performance of such services.

The business continuity process is being expanded to additional facilities and business functions, based on the priorities identified in the enterprise risk assessment. FCA Services Business Continuity Plan follows the best practices and requirements of International Standards (FCA Services is ISO 27001:2013 certified) and put the focus on the safety of employees and on the continuity for the provisioning of the services. All Business Continuity activities are reviewed every year by a Steering Committee as well as by  internal and independent external auditors to assure the correctness and continuous improvement of the FCA Services Business Continuity Plan.

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