A Faraday cage can be made out of any metal container such as tin canisters, filing cabinets, metal desks, garbage cans, or ammo cans. Another reason for the extra layers of protection is that I'm going to be grounding this Faraday cage by attaching it to plumbing pipes. However, if the conductor is very thick and the holes made are tiny just like the wavelength of radiation, then the cage can protect from electromagnetic radiation. I have several places in my home where the copper plumbing is accessible and I try to spread my various Faraday cages out so that if one gets crushed or drowned in a quake, I still have the others to fall back on. It does this because the electric charge on the conducting material of the cage is distributed in a way that cancels the effect of the field in the interior part of the cage.

You can try this by placing an antenna within a faraday cage you will find that radiation to or from the antenna is blocked by the cage. If the faraday cage was made of non-conductive material, then the free carriers will not move fast enough to oppose the electric field. Then, incoming energy is also absorbed by the conductor and finally opposing fields are created by the cage. I prefer a more substantial Faraday cage than a single layer of ungrounded tin foil, but I tend to be a *little bit* OCD about my preps, so I'm going to hedge my bets and use BOTH tinfoil AND a metal box, so I'll be doubly protected.
However, the cage does not protect from static magnetic fields for example the magnetic field of the earth.

Michael Faraday made an observation that extra charge on an already charged conductor stayed only on the exterior and had no effect on anything enclosed within it. All of these processes happen so that the contents inside the faraday cage are protected from excessive field levels. Even if you cannot ground your Faraday cage, it should still offer you more protection than no Faraday cage at all.

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