If you need to shield against low frequency magnetic fields, as is done for an oscilloscope, you can use a continuous (as opposed to a cage-like) shield of mu-metal. Let me start by the second, if your cage is designed such that it blocks 100 kHz, that means the holes are small enough to make this condition satisfied, that means it will also be satisfied automatically for 50 Hz because the wavelength at 50 Hz is much longer that wavelength of 100 kHz.
Assuming your cage is made of copper and designed to shield 100 kHz, the skin depth at that frequency is 0.11 mm. The second variant would explain for me the Faraday cage: how the size of the mesh step (a transverse parameter) can depend on the wavelength (a longitudinal parameter).
As for a transverse spacing in a Faraday cage stopping a wave that varies only in the longitudinal direction remember that you were drawing only the simplest case, the case of a plane wave. Imagine you shot narrow beams all towards the same hole in the Faraday cage, you need very precision aiming each point has to has "its x" aimed very precisely to get in that same hole. In general if you aim your initial propagation directions with accuracy on the order of the wavelength then you gave changed the wave.
Waves tend to spread, so if you aim some at that one whole, lots will be lost in other directions and what aimed well for one whole is nor going to aim for the other holes, so the Faraday cage succeeds at blocking almost all fields coming at it assuming the cage is big enough to have many many holes. A Faraday cage is a container made of conducting material, such as wire mesh or metal plates, that shields what it encloses from external electric fields.

The Faraday cage is named after 1800s scientist Michael Faraday, but to learn how the cage works we start with another famous scientist, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. Many Faraday cages, including the one you are building and using, have holes in them for practical purposes (to see inside the cage). Below we will examine the effects of the Faraday cage on various conditions when doing neural recordings with the SpikerBox, along with an easy experiment you can do at home. Note that we also sell pre-made Faraday Cages if you do not want to visit the hardware store. Microwave ovens are examples of Faraday cages, because they are meant to prevent the radiation used to cook the food from escaping into the environment.
Our self-made design was built by our faculty workshop in 1979, and was initially used for far-field off-line measurements of antennas that are small relative to the wavelength.
This wave would, roughly speaking, bounce off a metal mesh (a Faraday cage), even though a single photon could easily come between wires of the mesh.
And in fact if you are trying to avoid the wires of the Faraday cage you need your beam to be focused to not extend out too far in the direction transverse to the direction of propagation.
Cages made in this way with fencing or mesh material still have conducting surfaces that generate the necessary barriers for electric fields, but there are types of electromagnetic waves such as radio or microwave that could theoretically enter the holes.

Instead of a using double alligator cable to clip the reference to your Faraday cage, you can make your probe cable consist of three wires. Faraday cages work through the redistribution of electrical charge throughout their electrically conductive structure, so they mainly shield against electric fields.
Since 1992, the laboratory has been developing near-field antenna measurements for antennas that are large relative to the wavelength in DUCAT. You can thank Nikola Tesla for your electrical noise, but, have no fear, Michael Faraday has come to your rescue! High frequency magnetic fields in the form of farfield electromagnetic radiation can be shielded against, for such radiation cannot propagate when its constituent plane waves have their electric field components "tethered" to a small value by reaction from moving charge in the conductive cage.

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