The role of the building protection system is to protect it against direct lightning strokes. When the lightning current flows in a conductor, if potential differences appear between it and the frames connected to earth that are located in the vicinity, the latter can cause destructive flashovers.
As a consequence, the building protection system does not protect the electrical installation: it is therefore compulsory to provide for an electrical installation protection system.
50% of the lightning current discharged by the building protection system rises back into the earthing networks of the electrical installation (see Fig.
This lightning conductor, derived from the Faraday cage, consists of a mesh that covers the roof and walls of the structure to be protected. What you keep in your Faraday cage always are the spare electronic parts for your car or truck, your spare ham radio, your extra laptop computer, etc. I keep hand held wallis talkies for communication on the farm and with my neighbors Ina faraday box. Instead of thinking of a faraday cage like you would an umbrella in a rainstorm, think of it instead like a sponge you are standing under. I’ve had to harden communications sites, some of the most vulnerable equipment to emp, to survive direct lightning strikes.

Breathe as nicely as shield your can handle our faraday protection pdf lightning cage bodies have a significantly a lot more devastating. This type of lightning protection system is used for highly exposed buildings housing very sensitive installations such as computer rooms. They are used to protect special structures: rocket launching areas, military applications and protection of high-voltage overhead lines (see Fig.
A Faraday cage works by three mechanisms: (1) the conductive layer reflects incoming fields, (2) the conductor absorbs incoming energy, and (3) the cage acts to create opposing fields. If you have a set of 2 way radios that work ok in your area, and you are happy with them, then buy a second set and put them in the cage. That is perhaps the best analogy I can come up with for how a faraday cage is supposed to work. If the cage is made from something non-conductive, the free carriers are not mobile enough to realign and cancel the incident field.
I know that lightning isn’t RF or an EMP but it is a huge energy source and I predict EMP will be just as unpredictable. A steel trash can with a very tight fitting lid does a pretty good job of acting as a Faraday cage.

A ground provides a safe place to direct excess current from lightning strikes, power line surges or static discharge to protect your more delicate electronics. It would be fine sitting inside a Faraday cage as long as you’re not scrubbing your bare electronics against it.
An EMP is a high frequency radiated event (not conducted like a bolt of lightning), so the goal is to simply shield the sensitive electronics from the high electromagnetic fields. Check out disasterprepper videos (or my name) and you’ll find one on Faraday Cage testing. The bottom line is that an ungrounded cage protects the contents from harmful electromagnetic fields as well as a grounded one.

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