The “phonekerchief,” which blocks cell phone signals, might be the ultimate 21st century Thanksgiving place setting. The idea is simple, according to designer Ingrid Zweifel: the phonekerchief weaves ultrafine metal threads into a normal hankie to create a “soft Faraday cage” around your Crackberry or iTeat, snuffing out its wireless connection and letting everyone at the table know you care more about enjoying their company than checking in to Grandma’s house on Foursquare.

In any case, “Fun With Faraday Cages” has become a regular geek cottage industry, so it’s nice to see someone using them for the powers of good (ie, politeness at the table), rather than yet another rendition of the Dr. Imagine a whole table set with fine silverware atop primly folded phonekerchiefs at every place setting.

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