Pick someone who lives out of the area (and out of danger), like a friend or relative, who family members must contact during an emergency to communicate their location. If possible, purchase cell phones for all family members, if only for emergency situations. If you need dialysis or other life-sustaining treatment, identify more than one service facility and work with your doctor to include this information in your emergency plan.
TweetPreparing for an emergency or a disaster involves creating a plan for yourself and your family.
This Family Emergency Plan Template for Excel Online is a highly useful Office Online Template that you can access and fill out online and readily print so you and your family members can have a copy. The latter is important in cases when a family member has a medical condition or any allergies. Family preparedness can make a big difference in an emergency, whether that means knowing the location of your fire exits or agreeing on a single point of contact to touch base with when local communication channels break down. Keep emergency contact lists up to date and print and laminate small, business card-sized copies for family members. If you have infants or young children, make sure any care providers have a copy of your family emergency plan and contacts, and keep everything up to date.
In the Excel template above, you can see a Family Emergency Plan form that you can use for your household.

This is especially important in times when a disaster happens and you are all outside the house, at work, in school or anywhere else. Preparing for potential natural disasters in advance can help to reassure children and strengthen family bonds. But taking one day out of each week, for an hour or two, to prepare for a natural disaster really is in your best interest.
Take time to rehearse the plans, break out the supplies and talk about each item and walk evacuation routes.
This Family Emergency Plan Template is an Excel Online template is a form that contains important information that you should fill out for your family to be informed as to where you will meet. The template also contains the information of all the members of the family or household, such as Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Medical Information.
That person should agree to act as the single source for everyone to call in to and report their status as safe.
You can also list on this template your insurance information, as well as the agent and contact information, in cases of any loss or damage to properties, as well as your own family’s health and life insurance.
The plan should also include arrangements for the care of horses and other livestock, if needed.
Local communications can be severely impacted during a major emergency, making this a good way for families impacted by disasters to know that their loved ones are safe.

I realize the kids might not want to spend the weekend playing Find the Fire Extinguisher, but a little practice goes a long way to building good preparedness habits.
A template such as this encourages the whole household to get together and discuss important plans and details on how to handle emergency situations, which can help ensure safety when such an event arises.
The government also does its part in informing families of ways to prepare for emergencies. Your plan should cover children, seniors, family members with other access or functional needs, pets, and your home. This Emergency Plan Template can help you get prepared in case of emergencies, and could mean life or death in cases of huge catastrophes. If you can locate your nearest safe haven or preassigned gathering point in an earthquake, flood or fire, as a family you increase your chances of survival that much more. This ensures that you stay together as a family and push through with the rest of your survival and relief plans.
Non-profit organizations, especially Red Cross, encourage families to meet to create emergency plans and discuss how to prepare and respond to any emergency or disaster.

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