Necessary InformationCollect the name, address and phone number of the hospital and physician where your family member or loved one is being treated for a medical emergency. What to Do: Contact the local embassy, which you will have to do in order to receive an emergency passport. How to Be Prepared: Of course, if you've lost your bag or purse, or it was stolen, you may not have any form of ID or proof of citizenship, which will create a bit more of a headache on your part as you call home and ask family and friends to find and retrieve pertinent identification.
These days, missing a flight is more likely to occur due to airport transfers, lines at security, and delayed flights, rather than your family running late in traffic.
What to Do: If the plane has already taken off without you, the first rule of thumb is try to remain calm and be courteous to the airline staff.
It's more likely with airlines overbooking these days that you and your family can be put on standby, which means you may not make the next flight, but perhaps the next flight.
One more hiccup: If you checked luggage and missed a connecting flight, baggage is automatically placed on the next flight and may go without you.
What to Do: First, find your baggage claim tickets, you'll need these before you speak to airline personnel. Obviously, getting emergency care means acting quickly, but if a child is ill and you're in need of a doctor, contact your insurance company first. How to Be Prepared: If anyone in the family is currently on medication, keep medication in carry-on luggage so you don't lose it.
Many companies offer travel insurance, particularly on cruises and longer family excursions.

We're not trying to conjure up thoughts of your happy family in an alley in a scene out of "Batman," we're talking about anything be stolen from your family while vacationing, be it something from your hotel room, your car or person (typically in the form of pick pocketing).
If you're trying to minimize as much bulk as possible while on the go, look into things like Coin, a new piece of technology that allows you to consolidate all of your debit, credit, ATM and rewards cards into one single piece of plastic.
If you have all of the pertinent information on hand, you will probably be able to reserve the ticket in one phone call.
But sometimes, even the best of travel plans can be thrown off course by an emergency such as an injury, a missed flight or a pickpocket making off with your travel funds. The best thing to do is be prepared when you travel by creating an emergency passport kit that contains all you will need if you should lose your passport and take it with you when you travel. If you're still in your hometown, this may not be as inconvenient an option as when you are in another city and have to book a hotel, but if you do have to book a hotel, check to see if any of the airport hotels offer family-friendly swimming pools and turn the disaster into a family day at the pool. Read the airline's luggage regulations and be sure the entire family's luggage meets the weight and size requirements, especially the carry-on luggage.
If your bags are lost, the best advice, which is hardest to follow, is to try not to let lost luggage destroy your family vacation. Hang on to your baggage claim tickets, as aforementioned, and be sure your name and address are clearly labeled on each piece of luggage.
Concierge, for example, may have a list of doctors on hand, and will be able to direct you to the nearest hospital, arranging for a taxi or emergency services, as needed. If you do not have a program or are not in a familiar area, many countries, including those in Europe, have call boxes along the highways that you can use to call for help (return to your car as soon as you have done so).

It does happen, and families make great targets because we're often so busy corralling the kids and carrying lots of items with us that we may not be fully aware of a theft.
Compassion fares are usually unrestricted tickets that allow passengers to change dates and flight times without a change fee and fly on short notice. Be prepared and learn what to do if your family experiences an emergency while vacationing.
Or, use this time to visit a local museum or attraction, as most areas will have some unique, kid-friendly place to visit. Be sure the carry-on luggage is also packed appropriately, with liquids in 3-ounce-or-less containers all in a Ziploc plastic bag and no sharp or dangerous objects. Instead of worrying about the bags every day, and spending hours on the phone to get no new answers, resolve yourself to pick up a few items at a store and try to move forward with your vacation, as planned. There's nothing worse than getting through an illness or emergency to get a whopper of a bill that insurance will not cover.
However, as the fare discount is usually just a percentage off the full-fare ticket, sometimes it is cheaper to just look at the lower-priced discount fares.
For all the smartphone users out there, apps like TripIt make keeping reservation information (and every detail of your trip, for that matter) together in one organized and convenient place -- your phone.

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