If your plan is up-to-date, you deserve kudos because you are among a too-small-percentage who have taken action to prepare for disasters.
Emergencies can happen during the day when family members are usually in multiple locations – at school, daycare, work, running errands, etc. The Plan template file is a 2-page form you can fill in and print, as well as save for the updates you’re going to make when school starts or ends or when other changes to your regular routine make your plan out-of-date. Another good source of a Family Disaster Plan is the Red Cross, which offers a multi-page plan which can be edited with your information.
I also recommend you include in your Family Emergency Plan a visual map of the family meeting place, like this example shown to the right.
Creating a Family Emergency Plan isn’t that hard or time consuming, especially with templates and examples like the ones included in this article. The template also contains the information of all the members of the family or household, such as Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Medical Information. TweetPreparing for an emergency or a disaster involves creating a plan for yourself and your family. This Family Emergency Plan Template is an Excel Online template is a form that contains important information that you should fill out for your family to be informed as to where you will meet. It has been observed in psychological studies that most of the people get panicked in an emergency situation, particularly when an accident has occurred or when fire has ignited somewhere near them. This document enlists the possible emergency situations that can occur and the correct responses that need to be taken to minimize the hazardous impacts of any negative emergency situations. This Family Emergency Plan Template for Excel Online is a highly useful Office Online Template that you can access and fill out online and readily print so you and your family members can have a copy. For instance, when the family has to go to a trip and during the trip some emergency situation arrives, then the family members can take prompt and correct decision from viewing the emergency plan document. Every family needs an emergency preparedness plan, even though we hope you never need them!

A Family Emergency Plan documents how your family members can reconnect if you can’t return home or reach each other on cell phones.
The first page of the template allows you to document in one place your meeting places and the names and locations of your family members. The Red Cross plan template prompts you to also consider your pets, evacuation routes, and how you will assist family members with special needs.
Please sit down with your family as soon as possible and create your own plan – you’ll feel better after you do! The second page (shown to the right) has wallet-sized cards that you cut out so every family member can have the Family Emergency Plan in their wallet or bookbag.
In the Excel template above, you can see a Family Emergency Plan form that you can use for your household. These actions also contain the solutions to end an emergent trouble for instance, to replace the tyre when it got punctured or to use bandage when someone gets hurt during hiking, etc. We’ve found 4 that will help you organize everything from your emergency contact information, insurance information and evacuation plan.
It also includes the Red Cross “Safe and Well” phone number which serves as a point of contact for locating people during natural disasters and other emergencies.
You can also list on this template your insurance information, as well as the agent and contact information, in cases of any loss or damage to properties, as well as your own family’s health and life insurance. The first column contains the problems or possible emergency scenarios that can occur at any time and at any situation.
A template such as this encourages the whole household to get together and discuss important plans and details on how to handle emergency situations, which can help ensure safety when such an event arises. This is kept by the members of a family for making prompt decisions whenever an emergency situation arrives. There must be some mechanism that could lead people to act responsibly and consciously when responding to emergency situations.

The government also does its part in informing families of ways to prepare for emergencies.
If we consider the family situation, the responses are actually actions that the family members must take in order to protect themselves from negative effects of an emergency situation and to take them out of that situation. They can also memorize the responses for emergent situations as they would not have to open the document and to find the response in it during the emergency situation when they had memorized it. This Emergency Plan Template can help you get prepared in case of emergencies, and could mean life or death in cases of huge catastrophes. Non-profit organizations, especially Red Cross, encourage families to meet to create emergency plans and discuss how to prepare and respond to any emergency or disaster.
The third column contains the solutions and actions that must be taken to mitigate risks related to the emergency situation. This ensures that you stay together as a family and push through with the rest of your survival and relief plans. Such situations would demand an emergent and correct response from the family members travelling on the trip. The latter is important in cases when a family member has a medical condition or any allergies.
We spent 100+ hours planning, researching, and gathering emergency supplies to share ideas with others.

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