WRONG: We cannot prevent or even control natural disasters, but you can protect your family and safeguard your home by planning ahead. This Family Disaster Plan Checklist will help you plan to safeguard your family if a disaster strikes.
Print Community Emergency Plan and Resources: Your community has designated emergency shelters, treatment locations, information resources and procedures. Invite your family, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to this informative and educational event.
Planning family activities can help minimize frustration, boredom and stress particularly when children are in your home.
Department of Health Photo: There is a high risk of malnutrition during emergencies like typhoons. Useful information about emergency preparedness suggests that a family secure a food checklist.
Please check on the picture above to find out the necessary goods to stock at home in preparation for emergency situation. In my state of Florida, emergency management is handled by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). What should we take away from this is that the state’s Division of Emergency Management plans for and responds to both natural and man-made disasters. At the local level, cities and counties operate their emergency plans following the guidelines of the federal and state governments. Many parents are still in the woods about how to teach their kids what to do in a medical emergency and when to educate them. A medical emergency is when you find someone unconscious, having difficulty breathing, having uncontrollable bleeding, experiencing chest pain, or serious allergic reactions, according to 911.gov. Emergency preparedness should be at the forefront of most public agencies in the event of a crisis.
Although state and local governments depend on federal money, they have built self-reliant agencies that work in partnership with the federal emergency response units.

While the family discussed about this in passing, we don’t have a solid plan yet on what to prepare or do when earthquake happens. This overview explores how both local and state governments provide their citizens with emergencies plans under the umbrella of crisis management. Division staff members provide technical assistance to local governments as they prepare emergency plans and procedures. The EOC serves as the communications and command center for reporting emergencies and coordinating state response activities.
Although the article is good information for the general public, I think most emergency managers have a solid understanding of the topic.
For more information, tips and resources on making a Disaster Plan for your family see Ready by FEMA. The 72-hour emergency kit includes non-perishable goods, medicine, among others, but the food checklist includes a variety of non-perishable and nutritious goods enough to sustain a family for a few days. Prepare a disaster kit that will allow you to safely remain in your home and provide your family with basic necessities. Agencies across all levels of governance apply the same practices to their emergency plans. For example, Miami-Dade County’s emergency management system consists of four different phases: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
If you find someone in an emergency, call 911 or contact the emergency department at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. That division is the state’s liaison with federal and local agencies on emergencies of all kinds. The division prepares and implements a statewide comprehensive emergency management plan and routinely conducts extensive exercises to test state and county emergency response capabilities. The division also operates the State Warning Point, a state emergency communications center staffed 24 hours each day. While local governments have emergency management plans in place to support agencies at federal and state levels, these plans also serve as a direct point of contact for citizens in every municipality.

According to their website, after a disaster, the division conducts damage assessment surveys and advises the governor on whether to declare an emergency and seek federal relief funds. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community. This entry was posted in Advocacy, Family, Health Advisory and tagged emergency preparedness plan, family emergency preparedness food checklist, what to prepare for an earthquake on July 10, 2014 by Yami. Although we think of kids as the ones who need to be taken care of, their abilities to provide care in an emergency are underestimated. Mitigation refers to measures that prevent an emergency, reduce the chance of an emergency happening, or reduce the damaging effects of unavoidable emergencies. Over 20 workshops to help you and your family be prepared taught by industry and ministry leaders. No matter the type of emergency, the goal of every agency is be able to assist the community affected and save as many lives as possible. Free materials and every family will receive a gift of 72-hr Emergency Food Kit, (a $25 value).
The Genesee County Health Department wants you to have a plan to protect your employees, lessen the impact of the emergency on your business and remain open or re-open quickly.
Incidents like these where small kids perform heroically in the face of an emergency happen more often than you think. So, you can start preparing your child by stopping a nosebleed, so he does not find an emergency bleeding overwhelming.

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